Control via the Internet

When the app has been connected to an Nobø HUB on a local network, the app can also be operated remotely via the Internet.


The system security is based on your local network being protected from unauthorized access. Please make sure your local, wireless network is password protected against intruders. Be careful when allowing others to access your network. Anyone who has connected their app to your Nobø HUB, will later be able to control it remotely via the Internet.

When the app and the Nobø HUB connect via a local network, they automatically exchange encryption keys. This is to ensure a secure, encrypted communication via the Internet by a robust AES encryption. The encryption keys are generated by the app, and are saved in the app and the Nobø HUB to prevent any online surveillance.



If you do not wish to control your system via the Internet, the "Allow control via Internet"-option can be switched off under “Settings”. This option can only be changed when connected to the local network. If the Internet control option is switched off and then back on again, all previous users (apps) are reset from accessing the Nobø HUB via the Internet. To regain access, the app and the Nobø HUB must exchange new encryption keys. This is done simply by starting the app while connected to the local network.