Manual registration

Select “(+) Add new” in the main menu, select “system unit” and then “manual registration”.

The ID-code is a 12 digit number printed on the receiver. Enter this number into the textboxes on the screen. Press “+” to enter more units at the same time. It is advised to register only one zone at a time.


Many Nobø receivers have the ID code printed as QR code. The QR code can be scanned from the APP. 

Orion 512 products are not compatible with Nobø HUB.


Battery powered receivers or transmitters (TCU700, Nobø Switch) need pairing with the Nobø HUB if the ID-code has been added manually. During the installation, the APP will notify you when a unit needs pairing.

The unit is activated for pairing in the same way as for automatic search. See the unit user manual for more information.