COMFORT and ECO temperatures can be set in each zone (provided the receivers in the zone have this functionality). Select your preferred temperature according to the use of the room. E.g. COMFORT temperature in the living room can be very different from COMFORT temperature in the bedroom.

Temperatures are set either on the receiver or in the APP. If in doubt, check your receiver instructions.


If APP temperature settings are not available, you will be asked to set the temperatures on the heater.

When a zone contains more than one type of receiver, you may be asked to set temperatures both on certain heaters, and from the APP. (E.g. If there are R80 RDC and R80 RXC receivers in the same zone.)

AWAY status sets the zone in frost protection mode at 7°C. This temperature is fixed.

OFF status means all receivers are switched off completely.

When using basic ON/OFF receivers to control heaters (e.g. RCE 700 socket receiver), COMFORT temperature is set on the heater. ECO and AWAY are not available when using ON/OFF receivers, and the heaters are then switched off. Make sure the zone is protected against damage due to frost!

ON/OFF receivers are useful when controlling lights and other appliances. The appliance is switched on when in COMFORT, and otherwise off.