Carrie is going on vacation and wants all of her heating in AWAY status when she is gone. She also wants to ensure her coffee maker, TV and other appliances are off. At the same time she wants her kitchen and outdoor lights to go on an off to make the house seem inhabited.

In the zone overview screen her lights are placed in separate zones, and Carrie has selected “Disable global overrides” in the light zones. The lights will then follow their Normal Weekly Program even if the rest of the house is set to AWAY.

Carrie takes out her phone and presses and holds AWAY in the Circle Menu for advanced override settings. She selects FROM-TO and enters the time and date for leaving and returning. This ensures her saving energy and money while away, and still her house seems inhabited.

Carrie has done a smart thing by making a zone with a radio connected to a power outlet controller. She has selected “Disable global overrides” to make sure the zone follows the Normal program, and makes it turn on for a while in the evening. This enhances the impression that someone is home.