Day to day uses

Carrie has just bought Nobø HUB with a few heaters and a couple of power outlet controls. She plans to divide her apartment into four zones. A zone for her bedroom heater, a zone for her kitchen and living room heaters, a zone for the underfloor heating in the bathroom, and a zone for the outdoor lights and a lamp in the kitchen window. The latter is convenient for making the house seem inhabited when she is away on holiday.

She adds the receivers using “automatic search”  on her phone APP, one zone at a time to avoid confusion. She names each zone and receiver with easily recognisable names. This makes it simple for both herself and her best friend who often borrows the apartment in the summer.

Finally she enters zone settings for each zone, and makes a weekly program for each one. For the bedroom, she makes a program that turns on the heat before she gets up on weekdays. On the heater she sets the ECO-setting to 14 degrees and the COMFORT setting to 19 degrees. On weekends, she enjoys reading in bed for a while in the morning. She then adapts the weekly program to keep the heat on for a bit longer on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

To save energy, she lets the program turn the bathroom and kitchen/living room heat to ECO when she is at work on weekdays.

If she goes away for the weekend, she conveniently presses the AWAY button on the switch panel by the entrance door. All heat zones then switch to AWAY status. In the light zone, she has selected “disable overrides” in zone settings. This ensures the lights will go on and off as usual.

All zones return to Normal after 2 days when she comes home.