Using a temperature sensor in Nobø Switch

Nobø Switch can act as an external temperature sensor. The sensor must be located in the same room as the heater it is controlling. The room temperature is registered and communicated to the Nobø HUB.


In a zone where Nobø Switch operates as a temperature sensor, the room temperature is shown in the zone list.

When Nobø Switch operates as a temperature sensor in a zone with NCU receivers, these heaters will automatically regulate according to the temperature measured by the Nobø Switch. If the Nobø Switch has a flat battery, or is out of range, the heaters will regulate according to their in-built temperature sensor.

Nobø Switch temperature sensor can replace TCU700 in installations with Safir glass heater and heaters with R80 TXF 700.

Do not place the temperature sensor in direct sunlight, close to a heat source (e.g. a fireplace) or in a closed container (e.g. inside a closet). Placing it on the wall, close to where you normally stay in the room, is preferable.