Nobø Switch and Safir/R80-TXF700

Nobø Switch and Nobø HUB combined can replace the room thermostats TCU700 or TXB 700 in installations with Safir glass heater or heaters with R80 TXF700 receivers.


When combining Nobø Switch with Safir glass heater/heaters with R80 TXF700, both the heaters ID-codes AND Nobø Switch are added to the same zone in the APP. Temperatures are then set in the APP interface.


Alternatively, the Nobø HUB can be used to control installations with TCU700 / TXB700 room thermostats. The installed heaters (Safir glass heater / R80 TXF700) must be added to the room thermostat (TCU700 / TXB700). ONLY the room thermostat is then added as a receiver in Nobø HUB. Temperatures must be set on the room thermostat.