In the main menu under «settings», you can set default duration for AWAY overrides, and also define access via the Internet.

You will also find information on software version and licenses.


AWAY override

Select Settings in the menu to change the default time period for AWAY override. The factory setting is 2 days.

This setting applies to both the circle menu in the APP, and also any Nobø Switch connected to the same Nobø HUB.

Allow control via the Internet



If you do not wish to control your system via the Internet, the Allow Internet control-option can be switched off under “Settings”. This option can only be changed when connected to the local network. If the Internet control option is switched off and then back on again, all previous users (apps) are reset from accessing the Nobø HUB via the Internet. To regain access, the app and the Nobø HUB must exchange new encryption keys. This is done simply by starting the app while connected to the local network.